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A hands-on, hyper-accelerated, beginners guide to creating your own animated films using Unreal Engine 5

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David Williams

I'm David, a Virtual Filmmaker, Unreal Authorised Instructor + Mentor and Founder of UE Film Academy

I've always wanted to make my own films...


I grew up obsessed with movies. I studied all about directors, Mise-en-scène, visual effects and storytelling  from high school through to university. Chasing this dream of creating my own films. I made live action short films, music videos, and even attempted a feature film. But it was expensive, exhausting and ultimately limiting.

I wanted to be able to create what was in my head at that moment, not after months of pre-production, compromises and huge budgets + favours. I wanted to make movies anywhere at anytime. Late night in creepy museums, sunrise looking across epic landscapes or the far future in space! 

For a while I thought Animation and CG was the answer so I became fully immersed in that. However the bigger the movies I worked on, the smaller my role became and the more I realised that without dozens of artists it was almost impossible to make your own animated films.

I gave up...

Unreal Engine, the future of filmmaking or another let down?


All of a sudden people started talking about this game engine that you could make real-time movies in.

The quality can't be very good, it must look 'gamey' I thought. "Check out this Kite demo film

Oh it must be super exclusive, I won't be able to afford that... "But it's free!"

I still can't afford to spend the time creating all the environments and props from scratch. I'd need an army of artists... "There's a marketplace packed with ready-to-go assets!"

I was out of excuses. This program, Unreal Engine, was offering everything I'd ever wanted. I just needed to learn it...

Learning to Film in a 'Game' Engine


I spent every second of my free time figuring out how to use this software and getting nowhere, I started to resent it...

There was very little in the  way of online film course materials. On top of that the new filmmaking module of Unreal Engine was considered "Experimental" which I came to understand as "Migraine inducing".

Nothing made sense and I had no one to turn to, all my efforts had been wasted.

I'd spent months trying to learn the film tools and somehow I knew about almost everything else. I could make landscapes, do some visual coding, change the colour of materials and make a character jump around but I wasn't any closer to making the films in my head.

I gave up again...

I’d been learning Unreal as a “Game-Engine” but I needed to treat it as a “Film-Engine”


All of the ‘Beginner’ material I'd been studying was focused on teaching game developers how to use the engine but I didn’t need 90% of that and learning it was doing me more harm than good.

After realising this I decided to give it one more try. I was going to create a specific (very silly) project using only free assets and do as little non-film work as possible.

Most importantly of all I was going to take a 'film school' approach. Switching focus from the 1000's of different technical modules down to just 4 key film departments.

My First Unreal Animation


Silly I know! But I learnt more making this than I had during the previous 6 months of trying to learn Unreal. Changing my approach just made everything click. Most importantly it was actually a lot of fun.

Doing what I love


For the next 7 years I created a lot more in Unreal, I quit my job and made a living creating entire cinematics from scratch by myself.

You can see bits and pieces of them here in the background.


I was invited to participate in the Unreal Fellowship hosted by Epic Games where they paid me to train in the latest Virtual Production techniques.

I made so much of an impression that they asked me back to teach and then mentor other fellows, industry experts i’d been looking up to my whole life!


This course is about helping you learn Unreal without all the headaches and torture I went through. It’s the course I desperately needed when I started my learning journey and it’s been carefully designed to teach filmmakers how to create their dreams.

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I want to show you everything you need to create your first animated scene inside Unreal Engine 5

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An ultra-accelerated, Unreal Engine 5 course designed exclusively for Filmmakers that will take you from beginner to creating your own animated scenes in record time.

Virtual Filmmaking Fundamentals Course


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There's 100 different ways to do things in Unreal, learn the right way. Jump straight past the thousands of hours it took me to learn, implement and refine these proven workflows. 

The Proven "Film-School" Experience

Hands-on, practical learning on a pre-assembled Virtual Film Set right from lesson 1. We break down and learn each core "Department" starting with the camera, just like you would at a regular film school.

Learn the Essentials and Skip the Technicals

Imagine going to film school and day 1 you have to build a table, or paint a wall, not even touching a camera for months. Sounds silly but that is what every other course has beginners doing.

Set construction, complex programming and tedious material creation can wait, we learn what we need when we need it.

Guaranteed Results

By the end of this course you will be able to create your first Unreal Engine 5 animated scene guaranteed. If you aren't satisfied with the content you are welcome to take advantage of our 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Warning! This course isn't:


  • Another beginners course where you spend more time making an environment than filming a scene.
  • A technical deep dive into Blueprints, Materials or Landscapes.
  • Designed for game developers or programmers.


Your First Time on a Virtual Film Set

Virtual Camera Department - Looking Through a Virtual Lens

Production Design - Taking Control of the Set

Lighting with Lumen - Virtual Gaffing

CG Actors and Skeletal Meshes

Quiz 1 - Testing the Basics


Department Deep Dive

Shot Design With Intention

Emotive Set Design Within the Frame

Lighting for Emotion and Storytelling

Animation Posing on Digital Marks

Quiz 2 - Gaining Experience


Directing the Action

Exploring an Animated Sequence

Creating Your First Sequence From Scratch

Sequencer Editing Theory - Breaking Down Misconceptions

Assembling a Master Sequence and Becoming a Realtime Editor

Quiz 3 - Sequencer Test


Expanding Our Cinematic World

Utilising the Unreal Marketplace

Animation Library - Mixamo and Unreal

Sourcing Photoreal Assets Using Quixel Bridge

Quiz 4 - Assets and Unreal


Adding the Finishing Touches

Bringing Lights and Camera to Life

Tweaking Character Animations with Control Rig

Setting the Mood with the Post Process Volume

Rendering Out Your First Scene

Quiz 5 - Final Knowledge Test


Final Assesment

Create Your Own Animated Scene

Unreal Filmmaking Education Options

Unreal Connectors Course



  • Technical, "Game-Engine" focused approach
  • 8-12+ week scheduled courses
  • Selective criteria for entry
  • Large groups

Unstructured Content

100's of Hours

Time Consuming

  • Mostly Game Developer Focused
  • Unqualified or unproven methodologies and techniques
  • No technical or motivational support

Filmmaking Fundamentals



  • Designed from the ground up for Filmmakers
  • Self-paced, supported learning
  • "On-Set" project training
  • Lifetime access
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